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IT System & Web Marketing Support,
for Smart working and Enrichment life since 1999.
  synqoo networks Co,Ltd.
takano build.3F 4-29 Yotuya ・ Shinjyuku Tokyo
Fon +81 (50) 5552 - 8140 ・?ask@synqoo.com

Web Marketing Direction
Web Design
Web Program & Coding

PC / Mobile / SmartPhone

Cloud Treatment
PC & IT System Office Setup
PC & OS Repare & Refresh
I will work with you into your business or your office or your shop or your project at Tokyo - Shizuoka - Mie - Kyoto - Osaka.
My Cliant are Ad.agency, SE.com., WebService.com., SmallAnyShops, and General Customers

I support for Digital Divide. Please ask and seek help.